AppClose: A must-have app for co-parents

Parenting app for co-parents

Successful co-parenting depends on clear lines of communication. Adults — and many children — rely on a variety of communication methods, like email, texting, and traditional phone calls. Many parents even keep a stack of sticky notes on hand to pass information along to teachers, babysitters, and co-parents.

Why you need AppClose

With all of those communication methods available, parents should never miss a message, but the opposite happens. Things fall through cracks: a conversation on text gets accidentally deleted or it takes way too long to find the right email chain. AppClose allows co-parents to keep all of their communication and parenting must-haves in one place — and it’s free. Co-parents can rest easy knowing AppClose automatically backs up their parenting information — from possession schedules and messages to financial requests and vaccination schedules. AppClose provides parents with a secure record of all communication — and you can export to print if you like paper copies.

Calendar information in one place

Keeping track of the custody schedule tends to be one of the most contentious parts of co-parenting. When schedules change at the beginning of the school year or during school breaks, co-parents need to be on the same page with the possession schedule. The AppClose calendar keeps track of where the kids are at all times. Co-parents easily see where and at what times and places exchanges are taking place.

AppClose provides a wide range of pre-loaded templates for parents to use when inputting their custody schedules into the app. Users can customize their schedules as needed, including adding different schedules for each child.

Messaging capabilities

Messaging in AppClose feels like texting, but it keeps the information stored with the rest of your parenting conversations. You can text with anyone using AppClose, so that might include a co-parent or attorney. Having all the conversations you need in one place makes it easier to remember if you reminded your co-parent about an expected change in the extracurricular schedule. With AppClose’s secure cloud storage, co-parents won’t ever lose track of those conversations.

AppClose features

Financial tracking and reimbursements

Little expenses add up, and keeping track of finances can feel overwhelming in the midst of all other co-parenting issues. AppClose makes it simple to record where and how you’re spending money that may need to be reimbursed by your co-parent. You can even scan receipts, so you don’t have to worry about making copies and passing them along. Money conflicts can strain otherwise cooperative co-parenting relationships.

AppClose keeps financial records organized, so co-parents aren’t struggling to remember who bought the last set of post-game snacks for a soccer team. AppClose even offers parents the ability to pay each other directly through the app. Parents deal with both court-ordered reimbursements and miscellaneous expenses, so having requests and payments together in one secure location makes record-keeping a breeze.

Must-know information

Parents like to think we have all of the information we need about our kids safely stored in our heads. After all, we remember to pack a lovey for every night away from home and the ones who can tell the fake cry from the real cry. However, when it comes time to pull up critical information, dates and names can fly out the window.

AppClose stores information about pediatricians and vaccination schedules at the ready. Even make note of shopping information, like clothing and shoe sizes, so you’re never poking around in the shoe bin to figure out what size snow boots your child needs this winter. Users can add other caregivers to their app, including stepparents, grandparents and child care providers. The app streamlines communication and record keeping so successfully, use of AppClose has been court ordered for both parents and guardians ad litem.

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