AppClose is excited to bring you Group Chat in its next release!


 Group chat is the best way to chat with those in your Family Circle –
including professionals!

AppClose is excited to bring you Group Chat in its next release!  Group chat is the best way to instantly send messages, documents, receipts, pictures, or videos to multiple people in your family circle, including professionals.  Your family circle might include your co-parent, grandparents, other caregivers, or even an ad litem or a child’s teacher or therapist.  There’s no limit to the number of people you can have in a family circle, and group chats are unlimited!  And as always, this feature is included with your FREE AppClose account. 

Here’s 5 simple reasons to use AppClose group chat over other alternatives:

  • Share information quickly

Quickly send time-sensitive information to multiple people in your family circle and get answers in real time.  Why mess with the hassle of standard text features or email when you can discuss the same information in a central location with built-in record keeping features?

  • Stay on the same page
    Easily coordinate and plan events such as birthday parties for the kids or notify those in your family circle of special events coming up.  This makes it easy for everyone to stay in the loop and discuss any important details related to the topic of discussion.   
  • Multiple Family Circles
    Create an unlimited amount of group chats when you want to group chat with various combinations of people within your family circle, but not necessarily with everyone all at the same time.    
  • Communicate with Professionals
    Connect with mutual third-party professionals such as ad litems or therapists concerning your child or easily schedule appointments with professionals when multiple people need to be present.  Group chat also allows professionals a secure place to share confidential information with parties such as recommendations or reports.  
  • Document! Document!  Document!
    Keep records of conversations between yourself and others when important issues are discussed and need to be documented for litigation purposes.  

*The new AppClose will be released in early 2019.   Over the next several weeks you can expect to receive emails that will provide you with more information regarding these changes and our exciting new features.

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